sobota, 5 lipca 2014

my hair it was long one day...

top, bag - here, shorts - Bershka, bracelet - Piazza Italia

niedziela, 16 marca 2014

come on baby let's ride... part2

You remmeber some time ago (loooong time ago) I posted some photos of me that took my friend Giordano (you can see it here). There are still others from that day on my laptop and I have a little bit free time so I will post them today.
I miss take photos and write the blog but first of all I don't have photographer here and I don't have so much time. Now I also need to start a gym because I put on weight so much eating pasta, pizza and sweets that here in Italy are really so delicious.

jacket, bag - here, pants - Zara, boots - Piazza Italia

środa, 12 marca 2014


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niedziela, 2 marca 2014


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czwartek, 19 grudnia 2013

ROMA foto mix

I felt in love with the city...